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Women depend on the attention of the surrounding people more than men. Therefore, they prefer to discuss and say problems. Previously, friends came to the rescue, today – social networks. Presenting a male point of view on female solidarity and support on the Internet.

“I feel bad, I’m tired, no one is nearby, tell me something good …”-how much I read this in social networks. Screams of despair. Usually from women. Men are trying not to show weaknesses, unless they get drunk.

I have been on social networks for a long time, I have a lot of followers. And there is a very specific category of women who always need help. Mostly women aged. No, they often have everything good at work, there are children and quite tolerable health. And what is not? There is no happiness. Unfortunate women – millions. Or situationally unhappy. In short, depression (or what they call the depressed state).

And then they rush in the social network. It is important for a woman to say, to say that she is tormented. It is important to get a response. It is important not to feel lonely. Woman is a deep social being. A woman is always a dialogue (although men will begin to argue here). Yes, you can in the old fashioned way – to friends or chat with my mother, but friends are busy, but I don’t want to “load” the elderly mother.

One of my subscribers lost her husband two years ago, sudden death. And still has not come to her senses. Often she writes about him. Or just says how devastated. We are not familiar with her personally, but I know that she is all right with work, money, housing. Only she often is bad. And then dozens, or even hundreds of users of social networks, suddenly begin to write to her: “Hold on!»,» You are wonderful!»,» We love you very much!». It seems to be completely banal words from people whom she does not even know. But this is what she needs. She seems to be treated by this. This is the phenomenon of our time when strangers save from the spleen and loneliness. Fortunately, the reserves of compassion are unlimited in our country. We have more than oil and gas.

Social networks – the greatest invention. Of course, they take us a lot of time and effort. Sometimes they are infuriated. But the trick is that they have long become a collective psychotherapist. In a moment of despair and longing, they can save. I am absolutely sure that thanks to social networks, many avoided the fatal step. Maybe someone had already gained a handful of deadly pills, but suddenly read a comment: “Hey, I was also very bad, I was on the edge, but I could stand it, and then everything was getting better!»And the damned pills scattered.

Somehow I began to study the «mother» chats. Well, those where women are discussing their «year old» and «tighter». And made two amazing discoveries. The first is a world in which there are no husbands. That is, occasionally they loom somewhere in the distance, but only as subjects that are too capricious, and there is no use from them at all. And the second: this is a place where women sincerely support each other. I’m not talking about tips about children, this is itself. But women come there and to cry. After all, there they can be extremely frank, almost all are anonymous, hidden under nicknames. So she laid the child, wildly tired, her husband is not nearby, the mother -in -law tortured her nit -picking. And she complains to unfamiliar women. And everyone rushes together to help, comments grow and grow. No, sometimes there are bores that say something like “guilty”, but the rest fly immediately: stop being clever, a person is bad!

This female solidarity is an amazing thing. While men in networks are muttering about politics and hate each other, women save each other.

No matter how much they repeat about “strong women” – they are weak, weak, weak. They are anxious, lonely and bad, with this they do not always know how to cope themselves. They may not even complain. She sits on Friday at home at home. No one called her to visit, a cafe, but at least go. And she writes: «And advise a good movie about love». Maybe she didn’t give up a movie. It is important for her to talk to her. And begin to pour names, dialogue is tied. She answered: “Oh, well, I looked, and also? And this is about what?»

Speak to her, say. She really needs it with a gloomy November evening. Save her.