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Wallpaper with bears or curtains with superheroes? A attic bed in the form of a pirate ship or a sofa with a million pink pillows? The interior of the room in which your child grows affects his character and your relationship. The advice of experts will help parents think through the appearance of the nursery, which will contribute to the harmonious development of children.

The biggest mistake we make when designing a children’s room is as follows: we, adults, are trying to realize our own unrealized dreams in it. Thus, we transfer our expectations and ambition to our son or daughter.

Imposed scenarios

What threatens both the child and the family in general? In our opinion, in this way, parents “take” their will, talents, the desire to achieve their own goals from children.

Everyone knows examples when a school graduate goes to a medical institute, where he does not really want. But he grew up in a family of doctors, behind him stands a dynasty of doctors. And the theater, artistic or, say, circus school, where the young man was striving, parents «rejected». And this will surely lead to psychological problems in the future.

Sometimes dad makes his son go to football, while the boy himself wants to dance or paint soldiers. Or mom drags the girl to the ballet, which she dreamed about all her life, and the child loves to draw or play volleyball.

There are many similar cases – just as there are many unfortunate people around us, dissatisfied with their fate. But parents still remain disappointed, they have conflicts with the child. That is why you should not impose on your son or daughter your idea of how their world should be.

Do not «cause good»

How it manifests itself in the space of the nursery? For example, adults are so absorbed in the embodiment of their ideas that they forget to ask the child himself about which interior he wants to live.

Mom says: “We conceived the sea theme, here is its bed with ropes, here is a chair, in the form of a boat, here is a chest with things, I so wanted this in childhood”. And what is her son think about life on the seabed? Perhaps this topic is not at all interesting to him. He will be able to «breathe» in this space filled with his mother? And who are the «we» that she talks about?

Before buying a piano, pirate equipment or something else from your fantasies, make sure that it really needs to be for whom you purchase it.

Personal space

What else needs to be taken into account when planning a children’s? It is important to understand that the child belongs to everything in his room. And when a loggia, a pantry or a dressing room adjoin it – this is also the space of your son or daughter.

If you plan to store your banks, wheels and other personal or household items there, for which you will constantly have to walk through the nursery, remember: you are already violating the borders of the child.


to grow a self -sufficient owner that can succeed? It is important for you that the child loves, appreciates and respect you? Then do not go to his «territory» without permission. And think in advance which room in the house to allocate for the nursery so as not to disturb your child and not flicker in his room without demand.